today is my birthday


Reunion, 1991by Bruno Barbey

Nan Goldin

For more than ten years, Collier Schorr’s raw and unfiltered images have made a refreshing change to the fashion zeitgeist. LOOK.

i think about that night we ran into each other and you asked me what time it was. there was sincerity in your voice and you were dazed. it was 8:24

at the beginning of the year i was in michigan. there were several feet of snow plowed to the curbsides. it was below freezing and the streets had layers of ice on them.

i called my mom and told her i was feeling down and she said to come home for a few days. i went home and wanted to leave the next day. i love her

at the age of 20 i learned two important things: patience and serenity. i knew who i was at this age. i went to sleep every night fully aware of my surroundings. this was the age i was at peace the most and also the one where i cried the most.

in february i received the news that i was going to be an uncle in september. i couldn’t believe it, and from that moment, my thoughts about my sister changed forever.

maybe we could go out for a walk on the sidewalks and talk about our dreams and fears

last september we spent the day in asheville before a show where maybe 25 people showed up. he told me it was the best show he’d seen.

i have never felt so close yet so alone as i am now


Kindskopf (Head of a Child)
Gottfried Helnwein